What's The Point?

by Exit 17

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recorded by matt luczak at 'my life in the bush of ghosts'
mastered by jonny swagger of tail light rebellion


released July 26, 2016

guitar bass n vocals-box
drums n hugs-jimbo bloomingfield

12 Faces-



all rights reserved


Exit 17 New Paltz, New York

Crust Punk N Roll. Just trying to survive life day to day without strangling any of the mouth breathers who run this world into the ground.

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Track Name: Dr Shopping
got no drugs to get high
did the whole months supply
gotta find a way to get your fix
time for a doctors trip
drive your car a couple of blocks
no time to stop, were gonna doctor shop
dr shoppin dr shoppin too many pills and too many oxys
done with coppin, dr shoppin
now youre all out of dope
with no way for you to cope
sold em all for some quick cash
didnt even keep a stash
Track Name: Holy Text
so it was written so it shall be
jesus christ sold us into slavery
Track Name: Change
walk down the block with eyes on the ground
searching for the next score to be found
i cant afford the fancier things
most of my stuff i found on the street
i wouldnt change a thing
all of my life is just wasting away
i do all the same things day after day
whiskey dope weed and some pills
its just another day to be killed
i wouldnt change a thing
Track Name: Exit 17
no i'm not from exit 17
i go there to get my fix for cheap
nodding off in the bushes inside of rape park

i want what i want when i want it and i always get whats mine
i don't have a problem i can quit whenever i like

i got a gun pulled on me today
at the garage
when i ran outside i could see those fucking lights
flashing on the walls
Track Name: Junkie Jesus
infanticide was on my mind
what was the crime. i ate the swine
this rotten apple made me a man
the snake of old, the son of sam

jesus loves his thorazine
suck my dick and make me clean

nemesis was prophesied
we watch the skies for dragonflies
humanity was never the issue
dont weep for us toss god a tissue
Track Name: Covered In Blood
ya call with what ya have to say
all of the trust is washed away
by drunken lust and blurred vision
ill cry another time
got something else on my mind
so i swallow my pride and swallow some pills
take off my belt and tie it around my arm
awake again covered in blood
when will it ever be enough
ive got nothing no one to hold onto
just the 4 walls in my room
they will become my own prison
to keep my demons at bay
so i dont throw it all away
Track Name: Sick Design
terrorize us every year with stories based on war and fear
this shit is nothing new, media hides the truth

try to mold me since my first day, could not buy into their decay
convolute, the truth for a profit, we're all being led by puppets

nothing we can say will ever make a fucking change
sick of all the lies created by their sick design

deny the rights of a nation, after their degradation
rape the young, destroy the land, this cycle never ends
never ends
Track Name: Hometown
walking dead on the streets
harassing girls on the beat
illegal search, they try to find
anything so you do time
since when did words carry so much weight?
used by the pigs to discriminate
they judge by what you where
tattoos, your age and your hair

we pay to get harassed today
my tax dollars pave the way
for pea brained men and women in blue
telling us all what to do
fight back bring it down
don't let it happen in your hometown

there's nothing left in this life at all
but 401k's and shopping malls
words we speak throw us in jail
no matter who wins, we all fail
film police brutality
for all of the world to see
why can't we just do the job
don't leave it to a fat fascist racist slob
Track Name: Rights
watch from your window a fearsome display
out on the streets it's police on parade
protect and serve protect us from you
the rich have funds to buy a point of view

stand up for your rights

first we couldn't talk now we can't watch
just trying to help will get your ass shot
fire rubber bullets into the crowd make sure the infant is dead on the ground

stand up for your rights
Track Name: Jesus Thinks U Suck
they hung him up
nailed him in
now ya think that yer free of sin
well jesus drank n fucked a whore
and in his name ya fight yer wars

jesus thinks you're an asshole
jesus thinks you suck
jesus thinks you're an asshole
you sacrilegious fuck
Track Name: Die Alone
hope is bringing me down
i can't feel a fucking thing
except for this needle and powders
the only friends i will ever need

i won't mind dying alone
resigned myself there years ago
done it before
ill do it again
at the cost of my friends

all my excuses are so easy
i could care less what you though of me
not a word could describe my life
only the end is justified
Track Name: Faces
sitting here alone again watching tv
apathetic but if i'm high it's alright by me
people shuffle by my window and i'm jealous again
when i change the channel
the faces on the screen make me sick
you're all lucky i don't own a gun
the world needs to be fixed

politicians, celebrities, critics, judges and cops
all i can say to them
it's a long fall from the top