Drunk Delirious Depressed and Damaged​.​.​. One Fucked Week with Exit 17

by Exit 17

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This rattier than shit demo was done over a week of last minute or ridiculously hungover/sleep deprived shows. We played The Anchor in Kingston, NY with Gonzo from 16 Hundred Pound Pig filling in on bass for one track, one at our buddy Dan's store(Crazy Dan's Second Hand Hardcore and More) and a fundraiser at Snug Harbor for the New Paltz Pirettes, a new roller derby team. This is our first any type of release with our solidified line up. So enjoy it or hate it. The Damn thing is free anyway.
Re-released in 2015 with a new line up and three bonus tracks. Box on guitar n vocals, Phil (of Dead Empires fame n fortune) on drums, Josh on bass and Jeremy on guitar for Exit 17(the song) as per the updated line up


released December 7, 2015

James Box-Guitar/Vocals
Jimbo Bloomingfield-Drums/Vocals
Josh Towers-Bass
Gonzo-Bass on Better off Dead
Phil-Drums on Exit 17, Die Alone and the extra Covered In Blood track
Jeremy-second Guitar on Exit 17



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Exit 17 New Paltz, New York

Crust Punk N Roll. Just trying to survive life day to day without strangling any of the mouth breathers who run this world into the ground.

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Track Name: Sick Design
terrorize us every year
with stories of war and fear
this shit is nothing new
our media hides the truth

try to mold us from our first day
i couldn't buy into the decay
convolute the truth for a profit
we're all being led by puppets

nothing we can say
will ever make a fucking change
i'm sick of all these lies
created by this sick desgin

deny the rights of a nation
after all the degredation
rape the young, destrot the land
this cycle never ends
Track Name: Better off Dead
pulled the problem out of my arm
suffice to say it didn't get far
at the liquor store at the bar
with another girl in the back of a car

wish i could say i got better
not a problem in my head
over time i realize
i might have been better off dead

pulled the needle out of my vein
looked around, nothing has changed
i'm at the liquor store
drunk at the bar
inside another girl in the back of her car

its everywhere you can see
inside of you inside of me
death is slowly surrounding to pull us all in
over time i realize
i might have been
better off dead
Track Name: Doctor Shopping
got no drugs to get high cuz you did your whole month's supply
find a way to get your fix, time for a doctor trip
drive your car a couple of blocks, no time to cop, time to doctor shop

doctor shopping,
too many pills, too many oxys
doctor shopping
done with copping, doctor shopping

now your all out of hope, no way for you to cope
sold them all for some quick cash, didn't even keep a stash
Track Name: Covered in Blood
call with what you have to say
all of the trust is washed away
by drunken lust and blurred vision

i'll cry another time
got something else on my mind

so i swallow my pride and swallow some pills
take off my belt and wrap it around my arm

awake again covered in blood
when will it ever be enough

i've got nothing, no one to hold onto
just the four walls in the room
they will become my own prison

to keep my demons at bay
so i don't throw it all away

so i swallow my pride and swallow some pills
take off my belt and wrap it around my arm

awake again covered in blood
when will it ever be enough
Track Name: Change
walk down the block with my eyes on the ground
searching for the next score to be found
i can't afford the fancier things
most of my stuff i got on the street

i wouldn't change a thing

all of my life is just wasting away
i do all the same things day after day
whiskey, dope, weed and some pills
it's just another day that i can kill
Track Name: Die Alone
hope is bringing me down
i can't feel a god damn thing
except for the needle and powders
the only friends i will ever need

i won't mind dying alone
resigned myself there years ago
done it before and ill do it again
at the cost of my friends

all my excuses are so easy
i could care less what ya think of me
not a word can describe my life
only death is justified
Track Name: Exit 17
no I'm not from exit 17
i go there to get my fix for cheap
nodding off in the bushes behind rape park

want what i want when i want it
and i always get whats mine
i don't have a problem
i can quit whenever i like

i got a gun pulled on me today
at the garage
when i ran outside i could see those fucking lights
flashing on the walls

run run run as fast as you can
can't catch me mr police man
run run run as fast as you can