Unrequited Rehab Love Songs

by Exit 17

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our newest plus some newish and an old favorite
bitch with a badge recorded by rick birmingham
sell your dead and untitled love song recorded by mike parish
exit 17 live and velma/jesus thinks u suck live recorded at snug harbor new paltz ny january 2016


released May 15, 2016

sketchy james-guitar and vocals
joshie-bass and vocals
jimbo-drums on bitch with a badge+jesus thinks u suck and backing vocals on exit 17



all rights reserved


Exit 17 New Paltz, New York

Crust Punk N Roll. Just trying to survive life day to day without strangling any of the mouth breathers who run this world into the ground.

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Track Name: Bitch With A Badge
here to serve and keep the peace
become a victim of the police
everything you've done and said
it's on record for the pigs
police man with that gun in your hand
does it make you feel like a real man
you better watch your back
you're just a bitch with a badge
squatters are flying signs
better get 'em in a hurry boys
homeless kids are this towns
biggest fucking worry
Track Name: Sell Your Dead
nightmares of comfort
are you fucking insane?
how much is too much?
is anything ever enough?
your faces are bloated
disgusting message of wealth
novelty will eventually fade to black

people are dying as you're complaining
about your comfortable position in life
bombs are falling a war is unfolding
you sit back and complain about nothing

tailored suits, wine, and fresh fruit
we throw away nation's worth of food
just tuck and lift your leather flesh
celebrity sells
the exchange of their heads
gotta sell your dead


sell sell your dead
everything in 30 minutes or less inside your head
sell sell your dead
everything in 30 minutes or less

Track Name: Untitled Love Song
i got nothing to do and i just wanna see you
can't cuz I'm stuck in this terrible place
feel like ill never see your perfect face
just so bored I'm losing my mind

sitting alone in this mess i created you're not around so I'm masturbating
can't wait to go home more than you could ever fucking know
everything will then be alright

can't wait to kiss your stomach
kiss your lips to cure my heartache
hold you close to smell your hair
hear you scream god's name into the air thats right you're cumin
in a few more weeks i will be home
then i can give you my....

big fat bone
then i can give you my big fat bone
Track Name: Exit 17 live 2016
no I'm not from exit 17
i go there to get my fix for cheap
nodding off in the bushes behind rape park

want what i want when i want it and i always get whats mine
i don't have a problem I can quit whenever i like

i got a gun pulled on me again
at the garage
when ran outside i could see those fucking lights
flashing on the walls


run run run as fast as you can
can't catch me mr police man
run as fast as you can
Track Name: Velma/Jesus Thinks U Suck live 2016
velma is a retard and she failed out of every class
just as slow as all the cum dripping out her ass
couldn't wash a dish to keep a part time job
found a career on the stripper pole handling some knobs

velma is a bitch and she smokes a pack an hour
she drives like a drunk with a face thats always sour
the perfume that she wears makes me wanna choke
ICP on her radio, what a fucking joke.

jesus thinks u suck:
they hung him up and nailed him in
now you think you're free of sin
jesus drank and he fucked a whore'
in his name you fight your wars

jesus thinks you're an asshole
jesus thinks you suck
jesus thinks you're and asshole
you sacrilegious fuck